The thirteenth edition of the International Summer School on Software Engineering intends to provide a contribution to Master/Ph.D. students and academic and industrial researchers on latest findings in the field of Software Engineering.

This year the school will be jointly organized by University of Salerno and UCL-CREST and will have as topic Search-Based Software Engineering (SBSE).

SBSE is a field in which search based optimisation algorithms are used to address problems in Software Engineering. In particular, SBSE considers problems that involve finding a suitable balance between competing and potentially conflicting goals, such as looking for the set of requirements that balances software development cost and customer satisfaction, search for the best allocation of resources to a software development project, search for the smallest set of test cases that covers all branches in a software program, find the best way to structure the architecture of a software system to enhance its maintainability, and so on...

SBSE has been successfully applied to different problems across the Software Engineering lifecycle, from cost estimation, requirements and project planning to testing, maintenance and re-engineering. There is also an increasing interest in search based optimization from the industrial sector, as illustrated by work on testing involving Google and Microsoft, and requirements analysis and optimisation involving Motorola and Ericsson, to cite few.

The program of the school will aim at creating discussion forums between lecturers and industrial and academic attendees. It will include introductory tutorials on SBSE as well as tutorials on well-established SBSE areas and emerging SBSE topics. Previous knowledge or experience with search based optimisation is not required. The main aim of the school is to allow the attendees to become productive in successfully applying search based optimisation to a chosen Software Engineering problem of interest.

Submission of student talks will also be encouraged to further stimulate the discussion. Moreover, we are pleased to announce the "ISSSE Travel Grant 2017" to encourage also Bachelor and Master Computer Science or Software Engineering students to attend the school.

The invited lecturers are internationally recognised research leaders and will cover very relevant topics for the scientific community, including Software Project Management, Requirements Engineering, Software Design and Architectures, Model-Driven Software Testing and Verification, Empirical Software Engineering, Mutation Testing, Automatic Software Repair, and Cloud Computing.

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