School Location & Travel Information

The school will be held in the Computer Science Building (F2 - Invariante 12B) of the University Campus (see the Campus maps), located in:

Via Giovanni Paolo II, 132 - I-84084 Fisciano (Salerno), Italy
Computer Science Building (F2 - Invariante 12B)

Fisciano is a small town situated 10 kms. north of Salerno, close to primary motorway junctions and therefore easier to reach also from other neighbouring town.

The University Campus located in Fisciano is reachable from the railway station of Salerno via bus of CSTP Azienda Mobilità SpA. Connections are every 15 minutes and the duration of the journey is approximately 40 minutes (see CSTP: Line 7, Line 17, Line 27 for the timetables).

The Bus Terminal is close to the International Summer School location. Please, follow the pedestrian path on the Campus map.

Travel by air

Closest to Salerno is the Naples Capodichino International Airport.

The most economical method to travel from Capodichino airport to Naples is by bus. There is a regular scheduled bus service from the airport to the main Naples railway station. Buses to the centrale railway station in Naples depart every 10-30 minutes (see ANM for the timetable) and the duration of the journey is approximately 10 minutes. However, you can rent a car directly from the airport to reach Salerno.

From Naples railway station, you will reach Salerno town in less than one hour, traveling by train (see Trenitalia for the timetable).

Moreover, the University Campus of Fisciano and eventually Salerno town are reachable from the airport via bus of SITA SpA (see SITA for the timetable).
In particular, one bus is available from Capodichino airport to Fisciano (University) terminal bus:

  • 8:45 Airport – 9:35 University

Two buses are available from Fisciano (University) terminal bus to Capodichino airport:

  • 13:25 University – 14:20 Airport
  • 17:40 University – 18:35 Airport

Note that the SITA bus is available except for Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Travel by train

The town of Salerno is reachable via train from main Italian towns (see Trenitalia for the timetable).

Travel by car

From North: Route A30, South direction, take the "Raccordo autostradale Salerno-Avellino" direction to Avellino and exit to Fisciano-Mercato San Severino.
From Est (Bari): Route A16 (Bari-Napoli); exit to Avellino Est , take the "Raccordo autostradale Avellino-Salerno", and exit to Fisciano-Mercato San Severino. At the exit turn left and follow the University sign.
From South (Reggio Calabria): Route A3 (Reggio Calabria-Salerno-Napoli); close to Salerno take direction to Routes A1 / A16, direction to Avellino, and exit to Fisciano-Mercato San Severino.

Coming from both north and south, at the Fisciano exit, you find (on your right side) a university specific entrance leading to the South Car Parks. Do not take it, but go forward until you reach the main road and then turn right. From the main road you find on the right the main entrance also leading to the South Car Parks. Do not take it.

After 50 meters you will find a red gateway on the right side. Enter here and leave your car in the parking (see the Campus map). The Computer Science Building (F2 - Invariante 12B) is on your right size (the building with the mirror windows).