The ISSSE 2017 registration fees are € 500 for academic and industrial researchers and € 250 for Master/Ph.D. students (proof is required). They include admission to all the lectures, copy of the slides and other materials prepared by the lecturers, luncheons, and social functions.

Attendees can also register for single tutorials. In this case, the registration fee is € 100 to attend one tutorial, plus € 100 for each other additional tutorial, and it includes admission to the registered lecture, copy of the slides and other materials prepared by the lecturer, and coffee break (luncheon is also included only for who attends tutorials in the morning and in the afternoon of the same day).

Master/Ph.D. students requiring to take an examination for specific tutorials should specify this in the registration form. Master/Ph.D. students also need to attach a proof of their studentship to be appointed for discount.

The deadline for registration was June 5th, 2017. For late registration to the International Summer School on Software Engineering, please, contact the Scientific Secretariat by using the following email

Important Dates